Watch Golden State’s Klay Thompson Drop An Unthinkable, Ridiculous 37 Points In One Quarter

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01.24.15 6 Comments

Golden State guard Klay Thompson did the unthinkable last night against the Sacramento Kings, scoring 37 points in one quarter in arguably the greatest heat check in NBA history. Thompson didn’t miss a shot going 13-13 from the field, 9-9 from three-point land and 2-2 on free throws. The 37 points eclipsed the previous single quarter record (33) held by George Gervin and Carmelo Anthony. When it was all said and done, Thompson finished the game with 52 points.

I woke up at 5 AM this morning and watched the entire quarter all the way through (having missed it last night). It’s unreal. I’ve seen scoring outbursts before, I’ve seen Kobe drop 60 some odd points in 30 minutes, I’ve seen Isiah Thomas score 16 in 90 seconds…but this was better. This was just a guy in a zone, popping three-pointers at will, some as far as 28 feet away. When the Kings forced him off the line he took it into the paint and scored some more. Again, unreal.

This was his shot chart.

1-24-2015 8-34-45 AM


Just ahead of the fourth quarter, Thompson was shown a stat sheet from the outburst. This may or may not be a photoshop. I’m not sure.

Here’s another video from the Golden State Warriors showing the floor view.

Oh yeah, at one point the game was tied at 60. The Warriors went on to win rather handily, 126-101.

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