Watch Jon Stewart Rip The Patriots And Call Tom Brady ‘The Fresh Prince Of Ball Air’

He doesn’t do it often, but it’s beautiful when Jon Stewart takes on the sports world. On Thursday night’s episode, Stewart took dead aim at the New England Patriots and that “cheater” Tom Brady.

“Come on, he called himself ‘The Deflator’ – what was the other guys name? Joey cheats at football?”
“Great ones don’t need to cheat. Did Michael Jordan cheat to win his six championships? No. In fact, Michael Jordan decided to play a sport he sucked at…just to give other people a chance.”

To be fair, Stewart is a diehard New York Giants fan and admits as much at the end of the clip, saying, “If you don’t think I would chastise you for doing those same acts in a New York Giants uniform… you would be correct.”

There were times in the segment where Stewart could barely contain his laughter, especially when he addressed Rob Gronkowski’s “deez nuts” video. “I gotta say, I love this guy. Deez nuts, indeed.”

Gonna miss Jon Stewart.