Watch Kathie Lee’s Tearful Tribute To Her Late Husband, Frank Gifford

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Frank Gifford may have been beloved by millions for his time on the New York Giants and in the Monday Night Football booth, but for millions of others, he was primarily Kathie Lee’s husband. A week after Gifford’s passing, the daytime show legend returned to Today to pay tribute to her late husband.

For fans of Frank, Kathie Lee’s speech was a touching remembrance from someone who was closer to their hero than anyone else. For fans of Kathie, it was a deeply felt speech from a beloved public figure going through some very public grief. Her voice faltering with emotion but never breaking, Kathie told viewers about Frank’s upbringing in a poor family during the Great Depression and spoke in great detail about his strong faith, and the caliber of person it made him. She described Frank’s final moments — passing suddenly but peacefully while waiting to go to church — as a best-case scenario for the family, so while we feel for the Gifford family, we also are happy at Kathie’s assurance that Frank is at peace.

(Via Today)