Kobe Bryant Unleashed His Wrath On Teammates, Calling Them ‘Soft Like Charmin’ In A Spectacular Must-See Rant

“We’re soft like Charmin, we’re soft like sh*t.”

Coming to a bookstore near you: “Kobe Bryant and the ramblings of a mad man.” I’d totally read that, so would you. Today during practice, the Lakers guard let loose on teammates with expletives galore, repeatedly calling them motherfu*ckers and comparing them to toilet paper. ESPN’s Arash Markazi was on hand and captured many of the exchanges on video.

Nick Young telling Kobe no one can guard him

Kobe with some expletives

“I’m supposed to practice and get better. These motherf*ckers ain’t doing sh*t for me.”

And then as if things couldn’t get any better, Kobe dropped this one-liner on Nick Young.


Dear God,

I don’t ask for much, so please, pretty please, can you have Kobe fight Nick Young during a game so we can all see it.



If nothing else, the Lakers are giving the Knicks a run for most dysfunctional team of 2014.