This NAIA Player Reportedly Ran The Fastest 40-Yard Dash In Combine History

Being able to run a blazing 40-yard-dash at the NFL combine doesn’t mean one is set for a great pro football career, but it is still quite impressive.  Before Saturday, the recorded record (an important distinction since Bo Jackson exists) was current Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Johnson, who ran a 4.24 back in 2008. But now, CJ2K can now step aside as there is a new record holder: Wendall Williams.

Williams was a wide receiver and kickoff returner for NAIA University of Cumberland in Kentucky, and he now is the all-time leader for the fastest 40-time at the combine after running a blistering 4.19. To cap it off, he also had a 45-inch vertical leap, the best at either combine this year.

Unsurprisingly, Williams also ran track at Cumberland, winning a national championship in long jump and placing fourth in the 100 and 200 meters. In addition, Williams was an All-American in football after scoring eleven offensive touchdowns and four return TDs during the season.

After setting the record, Williams spoke to about his accomplishments.

“That’s kind of surreal,” Williams said. “It’s actually giving me a little bit of jitters right now.”

“Being from a small school, it’s possible. If you have talent, they’re going to find you. You’ve just got to put yourself in the right opportunity to get that chance.”

Williams still has a long way to go if he’s going to actually have a career in the NFL, as many combine superstars have flamed out once they actually get to the league. Still, I wouldn’t bet against someone who has that type of superior athletic ability.