Watch the Best Single Leg Takedown Defense EVER

05.02.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

Here at With Leather, we love the heck out of wrestling. Granted, it’s usually pro graps we’re talking about, but dagnabbit if the amateur world doesn’t make us sit up and take notice some times. Here’s video of a Russian wrestling meet (I assume the bear-weight matches were on another mat) gold medal match taking place. In the brief clip, the most fantastic defense to a single leg take down is executed to flawless perfection. I’m not a freestyle (Or folkstyle. Or Greco-Roman) wrestling expert, so I don’t have the technical name for that escape, other than F*CKIN RAD FLIPPY SH*T YO.

I don’t know if this defense can be used against Ellis Coleman’s Flying Squirrel take down, but I want nothing more than to see both men attempt their moves against each other.

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