Watch This Amazing LEGO Master Build Fenway Park With 28,000 Bricks

At just 4-feet by 3-feet, it doesn’t sound like it’s that big of a deal, but LEGO master Neville Smith’s model of Fenway Park is indeed one of the more remarkable creations you’ll see this week. It took Smith approximately 28,000 bricks and 450 hours to build his own replica version of the home of the defending World Series Champion Boston Red Sox, but fortunately for us, this time-lapse video shows us all of his amazing creativity and talent in a much more convenient 2 minutes and 9 seconds. Smith recreated the stadium at the LEGOLAND Windsor facility in England, but it will soon become one of the attractions at Boston’s LEGOLAND Discovery Center when it opens on May 23.

For his efforts, Smith even made sure to add two LEGO people to represent him and a friend in the stadium’s seats, and if he ever has to make a model of Marlins Park, he can save himself a lot of trouble and just make his LEGO person the only one in the stands.