Watch This Creepy Indiana Pacers Fan Sniff Lavoy Allen’s Jersey

I’ve been an avid NBA fan for as long as I can remember. (Though most of that time has been spent being a disappointed Knicks fan). I’ve fawned over and championed specific basketball players throughout the years, including the Knicks’ John Starks, the Sixers’ Allen Iverson, and the Grizzlies’ Marc Gasol. But believe me when I say this: Even if given the opportunity, I would NOT sniff any of them. I don’t care if Starks sat right in front of me after his tremendous, historic ’93 dunk over Michael Jordan — I still would not take a whiff. It’s just too weird.

To make matters worse — as if copping a smell wasn’t creepy enough — this Pacers fan’s eyes quickly light up like he’s just hit the jackpot. Those peepers will definitely haunt me in my sleep tonight.