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That’s what Wayne Burdick of the Schaumburg Burdicks was charged by his data provider when he tried to watch the aforementioned game on his laptop through a Slingbox. There’s an obvious joke about being able to watch a better game for that price, but we throw obvious jokes in the trunk of our car and then drive them down to the pier to watch them drown. Hey, it’s been a long day…

Anyway, I got home from our cruise, and about two weeks later I got my cell phone/wireless card bill, which is usually about $220, and it said I owe $28,067.31.

I called AT&T and told them there was either a mistake or fraud and to please take this off the bill. That’s where the fun starts. They told me that the bill was correct and somehow I was charged international rates for Internet use, and the cost is 2 cents per kb. That came out to $27,788.93.

So he writes into a troubleshooting column, blah blah blah, AT&T finally knocks that money off the bill. It’s a human story, as in a human nearly took it in the ass from AT&T. Since when did “more bars in more places” mean ONE THICK BAR RIGHT UP YOUR ASS?!?! How can there be so many phone companies out there now and we’re getting raped by ALL OF THEM. I thought capitalism still worked. At least that’s what my financial advisor at Goldman Sachs told me three months ago.

[Consumerist, via Mouthpiece Sports]

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