Wayne Gretzky Went On Conan And Revealed How He Ruined His Daughter’s Childhood

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01.24.14 2 Comments

Wayne Gretzky

Here’s something you didn’t know: Wayne Gretzky’s performance of ‘Waikiki Hockey’ on Saturday Night Live is the reason his daughter Paulina is the way she is. THANK YOU, WAIKIKI HOCKEY.

The Great One went on ‘Conan’ and talked about his time on SNL, telling a story about how his wife got him booked on the show against his will and how he never wanted to act or sing or do anything they make you do on variety shows. Somewhere in the middle he casually mentions that he ruined his daughter’s life while trying to memorize a song, yadda yadda now she’s almost naked all the time on Instagram.

They don’t mention that specifically, but my job as a serious journalist is to read between the lines and tell the story they AREN’T telling. Also, Conan makes a cameo appearance. On SNL, not on his own show.

His appearance on Wayne’s World is what gave her that incredible golf swing.

Here’s a bonus clip from the show (Conan, not SNL) where Gretzky talks about getting a heads up before getting hit in the NHL. Something something Paulina Gretzky? I don’t know, just bring up a few pictures of her and listen to this story about hockey.

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