We Have A Dennis Rodman Sighting

05.25.10 9 years ago 6 Comments

Dennis Rodman is the greatest defensive player the NBA has ever seen, and also the most insane. The man who was commonly seen dressed in drag throughout the 90s, and somehow managed to marry Carmen Electra is, not surprisingly, involved in some sketchy dealings. Rodman, who averaged almost 19 rebounds per game during the 91-92 season is now carrying bags full of 100 dollar bills on domestic flights for some odd reason.

A passenger on Rodman’s flight from North Carolina to Fort Lauderdale spotted him frantically counting $100 bills stuffed in his carry-on bag. “He was nervously chewing on a red straw,” a Page Six spy said “He must have had four or five grand in there.” Rodman’s rep told Page Six it was left over from partying after a deejay gig in Pennsylvania. “He was counting it because he thought he had been robbed, but it turns out his business manager was holding onto the rest,” his rep explained –TerezOwens

Last I’d heard of Rodman, he was playing pro basketball in Finland, but that was in 2005. If he’s playing there, he must have been in desperate need of cash flow, so how he managed to get a bag full of 100s is beyond me. TerezOwens hypothesized that it was for a drug deal of some kind, which, considering this is Dennis Rodman, has to be the most legitimate explanation. That, or he was looking to finally make the sex change complete. Rodman highlights after the jump.

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