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The woman you see here is Alex Curran, who married longtime boyfriend England/Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard in a lavish wedding three weeks ago (another stacktastic picture of her here).  It's no secret that Curran had breast enhancement surgery (such a lovely phrase for an artful operation, compared to the crass "boob job"), although it was news to her grandmother when Gerrard's best man joked about it during his speech at the wedding reception.

Jonathan “Boggo” Boggan praised the Liverpool ace’s successes, “none more so than when you got Alex’s jugs done”. 

The gaffe stunned guests, especially the bride’s gran who did not know about the op.

Classy!  And you thought romance was dead.  I've long held that the greatest gift a man can give a woman is huge, perky cans, and Boggo shares my belief that it's also one of the greatest things in life a man can accomplish.  Sure beats being captain for Liverpool.

(Not that you care, but in case you do: YouTube of Gerrard's top 10 goals.  It's pretty impressive, if you're the sort of person who gets impressed by people kicking balls, and I am.  Spoiler alert!  Number one on the list, sadly, is not him making out with Alex.)

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