French Weather Girl Doria Tillier Did Her Report Naked After Losing A Soccer Bet

Former model Doria Tillier is the weather presenter on the immensely popular nightly French talk show Le Grand Journal, and she’s also quite the soccer rabble rouser on Twitter. On November 15, Ukraine defeated France 2-0 in their first World Cup qualifier match, which meant that the French team was going to have to seriously kick some Ukrainian ass by a three-goal margin to come from behind and earn a trip to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.

Not exactly the toughest bet to make, Tillier claimed that she would deliver a nude weather forecast if France actually made the World Cup, because there’s no way they could come back from that 2-0 loss, right? Pas si vite, amis, because the French team did indeed defeat Ukraine 3-0 on Tuesday, and that means that it was soon time for Tillier to make good on her little bet.

Here was Tillier’s response on Twitter, which roughly translates to, “Oh shitballs, I’mma gonna have to get naked.”

Or, to be accurate, “F*ck. France 2-0 Ukraine. I start to get stressed,” according to the HuffPo UK. And here’s the result of a woman who is strong enough to keep her word:

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