Wednesday Dunk Battle: Young Vs. Bowser Vs. Bryant Vs. Robinson

You know the drill. Every Wednesday we collect four notable slam dunks from the last seven days of basketball and pit them against one another in the WEDNESDAY DUNK BATTLE. You watch the dunks, then scroll to the bottom and vote for your favorite. The winner is named the scientifically, democratically-decided Dunk Of The Week, which I assume wins them fame and prizes.

This week’s dunks:

1. Nick Young’s 360 dunk for the mild enjoyment of Sixers fans.

2. Pacific University’s awesomely-named Dustin Bowser catches a ball off the glass and sends his defender tumbling into a wall.

3. Kobe Bryant dunks on the Nets, but Kris Humphries is there, so we’ll just say he specifically dunked on Kris Humphries, because f**k Kris Humphries

4. Nate Robinson’s fast-forward dunk on the Bucks.

Please consult the following clips and make your decision below.

Dunk #1:

Dunk #2:

Dunk #3:

Dunk #4:

Cast your votes: