Wednesday Dunk Battle: DeRozan Vs. Griffin/Jordan Vs. Wade Vs. Wages

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02.13.13 8 Comments

The Wednesday Dunk Battle is your most important weekly stop as a With Leather reader. Your viewing of a collection of dunks and decision regarding which dunk was the most Slam Dunk is important not only for editor-to-patron relations, but for SCIENCE, because deciding which dunks are best is science’s primary goal.

Last week’s winner (in a landslide) was Kobe Bryant. This week’s showdown features Dwyane Wade, Blake Griffin, a jumble of consonants and what may or may not be Teenage Gronkowski back for dunking glory.

This week’s contestants:

1. It says “DeMar DeRozan dunks on Timofey Mozgov” but I refuse to believe that those are peoples’ names

2. Back-to-back dunks from DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin

3. Dwyane Wade’s “showtime reverse”

4. Trevor Wages from the COLORADO SCHOOL OF MINES (~!) shatters the backboard

Please consult the dunk clips and make your decision below.

Dunk #1

Dunk #2

Dunk #3

Dunk #4

And now, your choice:

Thank you for voting. You are doing a great favor for science.

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