Wednesday Dunk Battle: Griffin Vs. James Vs. Faried Vs. Fire Guy Vs. Sea Otter

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02.27.13 12 Comments

This week, the Wednesday Dunk Battle goes high concept — what, scientifically speaking, constitutes the “best slam dunk?” Does it lessen the dunk’s greatness if it’s performed in practice? What if it involves a pillar of fire and a trampoline? What if you aren’t a human being and can dunk? How do they relate to one another?

Your job, as a loyal With Leather reader, is to view the following dunks and help decide which slam dunk slammed most dunkingly. It’s important that you participate and vote in the poll at the bottom, for without you, we may never know the perfect dunk equation.

This week’s dunks:

1. The Los Angeles Clippers block/pass/dunk machine leads to a massive left-handed effort from Blake Griffin.

2. LeBron James continues to nerf the entire 2013 Slam Dunk Contest by going between his legs in practice.

3. Kenneth Faried goes up Dwight Howard’s helpless back to catch an alley-oop.

4. A ridiculous man’s fire dunk, as seen yesterday on With Leather

5. Eddie the sea otter throws it down, as seen in Danger’s post from last Wednesday

Please view, and vote in the poll.

Dunk #1

Dunk #2

Dunk #3

Dunk #4

Dunk #5

Make your choice:

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