Here Are The 14 Best Football GIFs And Vines From The Weekend

Happy Monday everyone. Each week, we’ll compile the best and worst from college football and the NFL. Here’s your Week 10 roundup featuring an excellent touchdown celebration and perhaps the greatest blooper in college football history.

And you’re pregnant

The flop that cost the Saints a victory

John Brown “Shakes It Off”

The Lions ran the most casual fake punt

INT of the year? INT of the year.

A glorious Eli Manning face
(via Brian Floyd)

…unless you got buns hun

A summary of the Bears-Packers game

Now that’s a catch

The Steelers go up and over (via @stevenoah)

Patrick Peterson’s good at the football thing </strong (via @cjzero)

Let’s just watch this again

Dammit, the mascot’s out of control

Dana Holgorsen has an itch (via @Michael)