11.30.07 10 years ago 21 Comments

KEVIN GARNETT over Craig Sager — Finally, someone called that retard out for his terrible wardrobe.  KG is a hero  (Thanks to AA for the clip) 

Bucks over KNICKS — Oh please oh please oh please let Isiah keep his job.  I'd miss him terribly if he were gone

SLEEPING IN PILES OF CASH over Buying a $50K Treehouse — The Beckhams have Fuck You money.

Oklahoma over Kansas — Because why should anything be easy in college football this year? [Edit: That's right, I really don't care]

REDSKINS over Bills — Expect former Miami Hurricanes Santana Moss and Clinton Portis to honor Sean Taylor by not fumbling 8 times.

Enjoy the weekend, sexy people.  Be sure to check in with KD here when you're not out non-denominational holiday shopping. 

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