09.25.09 8 years ago

SITE NEWS: I’m delighted to announce that Weed Against Speed, noted Deadspin commenter and wiseass-in-chief over at Sportress of Blogitude, will be editing WL tomorrow and Sunday. Do stop by and enjoy his work this weekend.

Tonight: Alouettes (one L, two Ts) -4 over TIGER-CATS. Montreal is 9-2 on the season, but the Ticats are coming off a big win against Calgary last week.

Shock at FEVER, under 144. It’s the conference finals; the Shock won Game 1, 72-56. I’d tell you how many games this series would go, but I really have no clue.

Saturday: Fresno State + 16.5 over CINCINNATI. Fresno State football is the hot redhead loaded with heroin that swallows on the first date and then trashes your apartment the next morning. I don’t trust them.

WISCONSIN -3 over Michigan State. I can’t imagine Michigan State winning another game. Ever.

LSU -12 over MISSISSIPPI STATE. I think “Mississippi” is spelled correctly. Maybe.

Illinois +14 over OHIO STATE. Juice Williams has had the Buckeyes’ number for some time. Expect this game to be too close for comfort for the faithful in Columbus.

TCU at CLEMSON, over 41. TCU is actually getting 3 points in this game…I can’t do it. Wait, yes I can.

TCU +3 over CLEMSON. I almost feel guilty doing this.

KENTUCKY +22 over Florida. I don’t expect Florida to blow anybody out during conference play. Plus, Kentucky head coach Rich Brooks is kind of a badass.

Sunday: Browns at RAVENS, under 38.5 The Browns are getting 14 points in this game. I’ll even predict the final score. Ravens, 38-0.

Packers -7 at RAMS. The Rams might be the worst team in the league right now. A lot of coaches can win in their first year if they have a stronger nucleus, but these Rams are old and crusty.

Steelers -4 at BENGALS. Don’t be fooled by Cincy’s win last week. The Bengals won’t be able to move the ball against this defense.

Colts +2.5 over CARDINALS. Seriously, why would anyone pick Arizona in a big game? Against Peyton Manning?

Thanks to everyone that read us, sent us tips, and rubbed our belly this weekend. Enjoy some Weed tomorrow.

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