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We pick the winners of the weekend’s biggest matchups. Home team in ALL CAPS.

SATURDAY: Michigan State over Ohio State. The Buckeyes got lucky getting past Wisconsin. The only way they beat the Spartans is if they take a slim lead and the arena burns down.

Florida State over UNC. There’s always a marquee drubbing in one of these tournaments (no, Cincinnati doesn’t count). UNC has the least to lose by bowing out early, so my money’s on them.

Louisville over Syracuse. I don’t buy the whole “Syracuse is out of gas” theory. It’s more the “Louisville is a helluva better than Syracuse” theory.

Netherlands over Venezuela. If a team of destiny prevails in a sport no one watches, is it really history? I thought history was one’s documenting, not ignoring, of past events. There’s no WBC tab on Yahoo!, for goodness sakes. Yes, I said “goodness sakes.” Shoot me.

SUNDAY: LAKERS over Mavericks. I’m not above picking the Lakers. Or below it. Or any geographical orientation therein. ‘Kay?

America over NASCAR. No Sprint Cup race this week. If you encounter a NASCAR fan during your weekend, quickly go to a secure area and notify the proper authorities.

Jennifer Metcalfe over FIELD. Thanks, Dirty Tackle.

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