Weekend Picks: Head Cases

03.18.11 7 years ago

We call this “Weekend Picks,” and for some reason, we’ve been trying to explain that for four years. Image via.

Tonight. Long Island +17 over UNC. Long Island likes to run and Carolina may still be reeling from their loss against Duke in the ACC last week.

St. Peter’s +15 over Purdue. Do I love me some Saint Pete? Three seniors with a win over Alabama (who many said should have been in the tourney) against a Big Ten team? Yes, please.

Saturday. Florida -5 over UCLA. Somehow, the Bruins almost lost to Michigan State. Don’t expect Billy Donovan to let another Sweet Sixteen appearance slip through his greasy little fingers.

Richmond -3 over Morehead State. Oh, I hate it when the Cinderellas have to play each other.

Sunday. Texas over Arizona. I understand Jim Burr has Arizona in his Final Four.

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