05.16.08 10 years ago 6 Comments

What to watch for in this weekends biggest matchups.  One team or another in ALL CAPS.

ORIOLES over Nationals — I don't care what the mascots say, I'll take the team that didn't used to be the Expos. (photo from Nats320)

YANKEES over Mets — Johan pitches tonight for the Amazin's, but few teams can overcome the home-douche advantage at Yankee Stadium over the course of a weekend.

Spurs over HORNETS — Heh heh, the jinx is on, bitches.  Or rather: I don't think the jinx isn't not off.  *crosses fingers*

Padres over MARINERS — Over a decade of interleague play behind them, and the cities of San Diego and Seattle still hate each other as much as ever.

BOLT BUS over Chinatown Bus — Internet access and drivers who speak English.  SOLD.

And that's that for another week.  Your editors will be in and out next week, but With Leather shall continue apace with the usual slew of immature jokes and racy content.  Huzzah!

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