Weekend Picks: Sax In Public

03.11.11 8 years ago

At the end of each week, we pick the winners to the weekend’s most bracketacious matchups. We call it Weekend Picks. Home teams are in ALL CAPS.

Tonight: POWER over Soul. There will be pro football in 2011, but tonight it’ll be Arena League action on NFL Network, so even if you wanted to watch it, you probably couldn’t.

Syracuse over UConn. The Big East tournament rolls on; I personally have had enough Kemba Walker highlights for one weekend.

Saturday: REDS over Cubs. Few things annoy me more than the Reds being in the Cactus league. YOU ARE AN EASTERN TIME ZONE TEAM, CINCINNATI. WHY ARE YOUR AFTERNOON GAMES STARTING AT 3 PM?!?!

Hustling Bubble Team over Prolific Regular Season Standout. I’m not a fan of the term “bid theiving,” but I can see the concern people would have over teams making one small run this week and claiming an NCAA bid that would have gone to a more deserving at-large team. Are you listening, Alabama?

Sunday: SELECTIONS over Collective Bargaining. The NCAA will assemble its field of 68, and finally, we’ll have something to discuss instead of the pending NFL lockout.

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