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What to watch for in this weekend's biggest matchups.  Home teams in ALL CAPS. 

BEACH VOLLEYBALL over Indoor VolleyballBusted Coverage notes that the AVP tour hits Huntington Beach this weekend, where the Jose Cuervo girls are likely to make an appearance.  And if you're not excited to see some women's beach volleyball, perhaps you should look at this flickr album.  If we all chip in, we can buy the girls some bikini bottoms that fit.  Or just remove them entirely.

ZAPATA over Killing Them Softly —  In the Kentucky Derby.  What's that you say?  Those aren't names of real horses?  I made them up?  You want to know where all that absinthe went?  I don't think I like your accusatory tone, mister.

Marine Corps over ARMY — Former West Point linebacker Caleb Campbell took the brunt of abuse when he compared the NFL to a combat zone, but the real culprit is an Army policy that favors publicity over equity for its soldiers.

Celtics over HAWKS — C's finally close out the series tonight in the ATL.  Not to be confused with an atlatl, which is my prehistoric tool of choice, thanks to the stupid no-good hand-axe.

That's it for this drearily long week.  Enjoy your final weekend with KD, who will post as much or as little as he damn well pleases. 

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