08.21.09 9 years ago 3 Comments

Every Friday we pick the winners to the weekend’s matchups most likely to induce epilepsy. Home team is in ALL CAPS.

Tonight: NATIONALS +1.5 over Brewers. What’s better? Paying, say $25 to see a game and waiting right away or paying only $1 and waiting in the middle of a rainstorm for 5 hours? Time is money, people.

Reds + 1.5 over PIRATES. How far away are we from a baseball team–on any continent being named the Ninjas? Now that we have a black president, I hope we can focus on this happening in my lifetime.

Chiefs at VIKINGS, over 37. Brett Favre is starting tonight for the Vikings. There will be gunslingin’.

Roughriders +11 over ALOUETTES. One L. Two Ts. And hopefully very little offense.

SOCCER SATURDAY: Hull City AFC +135 over BOLTON. Also, PORTSMOUTH -2 against Arsenal, and MAN U -1 hosting Wigan. And for some reason I also took the Mystics +7 against PHOENIX.

Steelers +3 over REDSKINS. Towel fight! The Redskins will be distributing white towels again for this game. Now if we could only get Redskins fans to shower…

Saints +3 over TEXANS. Jeremy Shockey will only be dropping balls in the first quarter of this one.

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