Meet The Most Intimidating Weight-Lifting Baby On The Internet

What we have here is an adorable baby with a toy barbell. It starts so innocently. Aw, how cute, he (at least it looks like a boy to us, no judgment here) wants to lift like the big people! And for a baby, his form — well, we’re not going to critique his form, because a) who are we to talk, and b) it’s a dang baby. But once the lift is completed, it all goes off the rails.

We don’t need to tell you not to throw your weights. If you’re the kind of person who does, then even if you did read this site, you wouldn’t listen to us anyway. And we don’t blame the baby — he’s a baby! He doesn’t know any better — but when he also screams like he’s Russell Westbrook throwing down a monster jam, it’s clear that this baby is being raised to be a gym monster.

Any adult doing this would be immediately identified as the worst kind of testosterone-fueled jock. But this baby isn’t producing testosterone yet! It’s all just being taught (or, God help us, mimicked) — there’s still time to save this baby from being completely insufferable. Please, won’t someone find this baby and teach him to chill?

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