This Guy Lifted Weights While Balancing On A Hoverboard And Somehow Didn’t Eat It

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This is wild.. 😨 (via @bradleymartyn)

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As someone with sub-par balance and even worse upper body strength (as in “zero”), the above combination of lifting heavy weights and balancing on a hoverboard is nothing short of sorcery to me. But people are capable of amazing things these days.

For anyone curious, the name of the guy in the video is Bradley Martyn. He’s a bodybuilder, and here’s what he looks like when it’s suns out, guns out day:

Upon further consideration, what Martyn is doing is even more impressive when you consider the following things: 1) hoverboards are more unstable than Segways and people are inevitably going to fall on their asses trying to ride them; 2) hoverboards freaking explode, apparently

What we’re trying to say is that everything about what this guy is doing is dangerous and probably violates numerous public safety laws. But, hey, it makes for some good online sports #content, we think.