11.13.08 9 years ago 14 Comments

You can rent some Florida Panther Ice Dancers for the budget price of $100 an hour, but be warned: it’s not like “renting” those women from the ads in the Village Voice.  In fact, now that I’ve seen the sexual harassment policy, I wonder what’s the point of even having them around.

Sexual harassment of any sort (by any age) will not be tolerated and will be strictly enforced. Said harassment is defined as repeated requests for sexual or inappropriate favors (including kissing), demeaning sexual inquiries and vulgarities, offensive language, or any other verbal or physical conduct of sexual or degrading nature.  Photographs may be taken, but both hands of those being photographed with the girls must be in full view of the camera.

Wow.  That covers pretty much everything.  All that’s really left is to leer from a safe distance away.  Which is probably why that kid has binoculars.

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