12.11.08 9 years ago 15 Comments

When word came out that Michael Phelps was dating some no-name Vegas cocktail waitress named Caroline Pal (aka “Caz”) — pictures here and here — a lot of people who don’t have Vegas cocktail waitress girlfriends were pretty critical of Phelps.  Having never had a Vegas cocktail waitress girlfriend before, they assumed that a guy who won 8 gold medals at a single Olympics should be dating someone else.

Maybe those people are right, I don’t know.  But Phelps made a pretty compelling couterpoint when Caz and her stupendous cleavage joined him at LAX yesterday (full gallery at WWTDD).  It’s one of life’s great mysteries: if you were an Olympic hero with your pick of women, do you choose some Hollywood starlet with a publicist and jobs that have her make out with other actors, or do you go with the tattooed Asian chick with big jugs in Vegas?  It’s like Six Flags for my imagination.

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