Well, Well, Well… Tyler Hansbrough Isn’t Much Of A Tough Guy When It’s Metta World Peace

Folks who have been frequenting these here With Leather tubes for some time know that if there’s one athlete that I really, truly love making fun of, it’s Tyler Hansbrough, AKA The Toughest Guy on the Court Inside His Brain. From his days at UNC to his early NBA career with the Indiana Pacers, Hansbrough has always been good for a quick, easy laugh, up to and included the Pacers pulling a “Thanks but no thanks” with their qualifying offer in the offseason.

But now he’s Canada’s problem, as Hansbrough is struggling to earn a starting role with the Toronto Raptors, and while we typically wouldn’t expect him to back down from any player, Hansbrough apparently met his match against Metta World Peace during last night’s game against the New York Knicks.


The regular season hasn’t even started yet and I already have my leading contender for Vine of the year. And I think he even called him Ron, which makes it that much more perfect.

Also, here’s Ron, I mean Metta’s response:


(Via @netw3rk)