Johny Hendricks Suffered Second-Degree Burns While Filming The UFC 167 Commercial

We’re just two weeks away from the UFC’s 20th anniversary at UFC 167, which features arguably the most anticipated main event and all-around card of the year, and that’s not to be confused with the best main event and card of the year, because we could be here all day arguing over UFC 162 and UFC 165 and everybody would be right. But at UFC 167, Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre will try to stymie and stall perhaps his most dangerous No. 1 contender to date in Johny Hendricks, whose six-fight winning streak has propelled him to this greatest opportunity of his career.

But of course there’s already some dumb crap going down that might hurt Hendricks’ chances of defeating GSP, and it’s certainly by no fault of his own. Hendricks suffered a second-degree burn on his right shoulder and back after he stood too close to the lighting while filming the commercial for the upcoming PPV.

According to MMA Fighting, Hendricks was a little upset that it interfered with his training, but the wound has already healed. But still, if you’ve ever watched any sport in your life, you know that if he loses, there are people who will blame it on the burn, and they will blame the UFC for intentionally causing this so GSP didn’t lose at the big anniversary event in the same year that Anderson Silva already lost his title.

I almost kind of look forward to the possibility of that happening, but I’d rather Hendricks just win this thing and keep the shake-ups coming.

I wish they’d just had GSP laying on top of a punching bag for his parts.

(Image via MMA Fighting and Hendricks’ manager Ted Ehrhardt)