A West Virginia Wide Receiver Made A Backhanded Diving Catch That Seems Virtually Impossible

Senior Editor, Sports

When the (frankly) boring slate of morning and midday college football games washed over us on Saturday, probably few people had Jovon Durante of West Virginia pegged for making one of the best catches of the year, but here we are. During a sleepy game against TCU, quarterback Skyler Howard lobbed a 30-yard bullet to midfield and Durante dived for the ball, stunning the announcers and everyone in the stadium when he came up with it.

In real time, it looked like a mistake. In slow motion, it looks like a dang magic trick. While diving, falling, and tumbling, Durante manages to snag the ball with a backhand mere inches above the turf, make a short flip to his left hand while doing a somersault and come up with it clean without the ball ever once touching the ground. Incredible.

Sadly, thanks to this not being a scoring play, this not being a game a lot of people are watching, and a wild interception by Northwestern earlier on Saturday, this probably isn’t even going down as the best catch of the DAY.

And just think: the GOOD games are still coming up later tonight.

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