West Virginia QB Says He Kissed Nick Saban’s Daughter. Alabama Plays West Virginia Saturday.

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08.27.14 9 Comments
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Things just got nasty for this weekend’s West Virgina-Alabama game and it’s got nothing to do with football. Mountaineers quarterback Clint Trickett said his first kiss was Nick Saban’s daughter, Kristen. Bruh. Way to anger the beast.

Nick Saban daughter


You think Saban cares you were only six-years-old? You think he cares you did it in-between naps and recess? Seriously man, somebody’s going Waterboy on your ass Saturday. Somebody’s going to jump over the line, tear your helmet off and beat you over the head with it. Saban has guys on that team you’ve never seen before, guys the NCAA doesn’t even know about it.

“Who’s #98, I don’t see him in my program.”
“That’s uh….hmm.”
“Well it doesn’t matter now, he just speared Trickett and now he’s kicking him in the head.”

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