A West Virginia Player Caught A Touchdown And Then Obliterated A Maryland Cheerleader

It has not been a very good day on the field for both the Maryland football team or its cheerleaders. The Terrapins are getting absolutely crushed by the West Virginia Mountaineers, and one unfortunate member of the cheer squad followed suit immediately after a second quarter touchdown at WVU.

Mountaineers wide receiver Shelton Gibson managed to haul in a long bomb from his quarterback and cash in on a 41-yard touchdown catch. Gibson’s momentum on the long reception carried him out of the back of the end zone and straight into the kitchen of a poor Maryland cheerleader, who just couldn’t get out of the way in time.

As a result, the cheerleader was absolutely leveled by Gibson as an entire stadium of people watched. The chances of the Terrapins bouncing back in the game are looking pretty slim, but hopefully this girl is okay.

(Via Deadspin)