We’ve Witnessed The Greatest Pro Wrestling Entrance Ever. It Involves Giant Swords And A Velociraptor.

If I open this write-up with an explanation of who these guys are and why Japanese pro wrestling is a thing you should be watching, your eyes will glaze over and you’ll click away to something with boobs or cat GIFs. I understand. I also get that a lot of you don’t like wrestling at all.

That said, this might be the greatest pro wrestling entrance I’ve ever seen, and it’s certainly the best one involving Buster Swords, money raining from the sky and a f*cking animatronic velociraptor. You should probably watch this and wish you were this dude.

To provide a little context for those interested, this is Kazuchika Okada’s entrance before his IWGP Heavyweight Title defense against Hirooki Goto at New Japan Pro Wrestling’s The New Beginning II in Osaka back on the 11th of February. I would’ve shared it with you sooner, but it took me a week to process and make sure it was real. Rainmaker is no stranger to bad-ass entrances, but holy shit you guys. The only way he’s gonna top this is if he starts fighting the raptor WITH the sword.

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