Whachu Talkin’ Bout, Power Rankings?

05.28.10 8 years ago

1. Gary Coleman. We always think more of people after they’re dead, and Arnold Jackson will be no exception. I just wish he had done another show so we could write some more jokes.

2. Kendra Wilkinson’s sex tape. Need I say more.

3. Blogs With Balls 3. I’ll be on the “Legal & Ethical Primer” panel, which is not dissimilar to inviting Lindsay Lohan to an intervention.

4. World Series of Poker. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

5. “Iron Baby” Spoof. Funny, short, and with a high production value. Viral? Viral.

6. George Washington. One of the greatest Americans ever, and one of the richest.

7. An animator’s life. And you thought your job was rough.

8. Elf Girls. Stardust shoots out of their ears at climax. Not that you’ll ever have to worry about seeing that.

9. Red Dead Redemption. I might have to get a PS3 just to play this game.

10. Bacon. Better for you than milkshakes!

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