Watch A Woman Get Pulverized At The Finish Line In This Track Race Gone Wrong

03.19.15 3 years ago 12 Comments

Forget “boom goes the dynamite,” forget “booyah” and all those other catch phrases the late Stu Scott gave us because we have “WHAM-SAUCED” now. You can use it in any situation, but it’s particularly good when the woman carrying the finish line tape gets the truck stick.

Like here. This is a “wham-sauce of the meet crew.”



And here’s fan video where the guy screams “what the hell.”

Just look at the carnage.

According to Flo Track, the incident occurred at the New Balance Indoor Championship during the 400m final. Taylor McLaughlin was the guy doing the “wham-saucing,” and he was later DQ’d for a lane infraction.

Seriously, all that aside, wham-sauce mash-ups are about to take over the internet. Move over, Jim Ross. You’ve got some company. Shovel girl, you’re first.

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