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Three Cubs fans attacked a White Sox fan at a two-year-old's "Sesame Street"-themed birthday party.  The Sox fan, Robert Steele, lost his eye after a kick to the head from a steel-toed boot fractured his orbital bone.  Pretty classy.  From the AP:

Jaroslaw Czapla, 31, Boguslaw Czapla, 37, and Maciej Trojnar, 33, face charges of mob action and aggravated battery.

Now wait just a damn minute.  The angry drunk Polish brawlers cheer for the Cubs?  Didn't they get the stereotype memo?  They're supposed to be drinking Old Style at a dusty corner bar on the South Side that depreciates the value of the University of Chicago campus.  The Northwest Herald:

Steele and his fiancée, April Bieze, said they went to the Abby Cadabby-Sesame Street-themed party that afternoon for Bieze’s 2-year-old niece. Bob Czapla and the other men were drinking vodka and beer and started taunting Steele with claims that White Sox fans had missing teeth, Bieze said. We were going to leave, but they convinced us that they were just joking around,” Bieze said.

Yet the taunts escalated and turned more personal, Steele said. Bob Czapla punched Steele, and the pair began to struggle before the two other men helped knock him to the garage floor and started kicking him in the head.

But aside from the brutal beating resulting in the loss of an eye, it was a really nice party.  Elmo and Big Bird did a great job of distracting everyone from the paramedics and the pool of blood in the garage.  Lots of balloons, too.  Kids love balloons.

[Chicago Bull / Luol's Dong

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