What If Every NBA Team Had Football Helmets?

Thanks to the fine lunatics over at Kissing Suzy Kolber, UPROXX has a proud tradition of reimagining NFL logos. But we’re not the only people who like to tool around with logos. Only this time, a self-described unemployed graphic designer took to Reddit to show off his creations.

What’s the one thing that NFL uniforms have that makes them way cooler than those from any other sport? That’s right, the helmet! It’s pure design, encumbered by only the presence of a facemask (and not those pesky numbers, with their fonts and such), and set on shiny plastic to give it more pop. The artist, James Politi, posted at least one for every team on Imgur. My personal favorite is up top, for the Indiana Pacers, but there’s a lot of great stuff in there. Like the Charlotte Hornets, with the earhole stinger and the subtle honeycomb background:

And the Washington Wizards, whose new design with the centralized star is even more striking here:

Of course, they can’t all be winners. The Houston Rockets’ helmet came off a bit cartoonish:

I get that he took the angry face from the rocket in the original logo, but devoid of its context, it makes the helmet look sort of like the Chain Chomp from the Mario universe. It’s still fun to look, at though. Check them all out for yourself at Imgur.

(Via Reddit)