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I talked about it a little in today's Prelude, but FanHaus's JJ Cooper has written a terrifying parable about what the NFL would be like if it was run by the same ham-fisted mongoloids that gave us the bowl system.  In Cooper's dystopian nightmare, the Cowboys have no chance of playing for the championship, and 8-8 teams are playing each other in attempted grabs for ratings while the 11-5 Jaguars stay home.

Jaguars fans are livid that they were shut out of the bowl games, even though Jacksonville finished with an 11-5 record and was one of the hottest teams in the league. But when the Titans were selected for the Fiesta Bowl, the Jags chances dropped to zero, because BCS rules prohibit three teams from one division landing bowl bids. The Titans edged the Jaguars for a bowl berth because they have more recognizable players (namely Vince Young), but even more importantly because they have more fans than the Jaguars to buy bowl tickets.

It goes on like that in horrifying detail for some length.  And it makes me want to shiv the rich assholes who keep preventing the possibility of "December Madness."  (Me, I woulda gone with "December Delirium," but I'm wordy like that.)

(Cartoon from the Houston Chronicle)

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