What Professional Fighter Has The Coolest Dog?

It’s that time again, friends. TIME TO RANK SOME DOGS OWNED BY PROFESSIONAL FIGHTERS! I know that I said in Fighter Dogs Power Rankings 2 that I would take those dogs and the dogs in Fighter Dogs Power Rankings 1 and make a super-list. Well, I was told I missed out on a significant number of pups, so I figured a part three was in order before a super-power ranking was made. So here we are, dog aficionados.

12. Steve Montgomery’s dog, Tigo

Steve Montgomery recently burst onto my MMA-knowledge scene. He’s got an amazing mullet and a snazzy looking dog. I look forward to learning more about both of them in the future!

11. Edson Barboza’s Mel

I’m a huge fan of Edson Barboza and his SONIC BOOM kicks. Mel’s a nice enough looking dog, but is just a little on the too small side of things for my tastes.

For a teeny-tiny dog, Mel is pretty adorable, though, I will admit that.

10. Isaac Vallie-Flagg’s Nala and Chewbacca

These two pups are pretty adorable, even when they’re looking kind of sad. Both Nala and Chewie rate high on my “would hug that dog” scale.

9. Cub Swanson’s Danger

I’ve got to admit, this is a tough crop of dogs to judge. Danger looks a lot like volume 2’s winner, Benny Benavidez, but Benny had two things going for him: attitude and snazzy clothes. Danger’s cute, but he needs to step his dog-shirt game up a little to crack the top 5.

8. Thiago Alves’ Tank and Rhea

That’s also Tank and Rhea up in the header image, just for clarification. They are another delightful pair, and it was hard ranking them, but maybe they would be higher if I got to hug their faces for a while.

7. Shayna Baszler’s Isis

I’m pretty sure the name refers to the Egyptian goddess, or at worst, the spy agency from Archer. Isis is a cute puppy, and I would totally love to spend time being that dog’s friend.

6. Rumina Sato’s pug

Rumina is a retired fighter that loves to go surfing while dressed like Tiger Mask, so he gets a bunch of cool points already. Plus, he’s got a pretty sweet little pug, so that’s even better.

5. Ovince St. Preux’s husky

It’s a little hard to tell, but OSP’s husky has some amazingly mismatched eyes. Hot dang, that’s a nice looking half-a-wolf dog!

4. Katja Kankaanpaa’s Rocky

That is one cute little furball! Wait, something about that dog looks familiar. I think I’ve seen it before, but I’m having trouble placing it.

Oh snap! Katja Kankaanpaa is either turning dogs into hats or hats into dogs! I’m going with the latter because it sounds much cooler and isn’t horrifying. Neat MAJIKS, Katja!

3. Neil Magny’s Lexi

Oh wowzers, Neil Magny has a really awesome dog, you guys! I know I’ve complained about Magny’s fighting style, but it gets results as he’s 5-0 in 2014. But never mind that, such a pretty doggie, I don’t care how boring his fights get, more Lexi, please!

2. Lee Morrison’s Otis

Aww, what a cute little damp puppy, that’s super adorable! Is there perchance a somehow even cuter picture of Otis?


1. Marlon Moraes’ Kyra

Dog in a hamper alert, we have a dog in a hamper alert! Marlon Moraes is probably one of my top five favorite non-UFC fighters, and dang, look at how fantastic his beagle, Kyra, is! Championship-level fighter with a championship-level dog!

Okay, here’s my real promise, fight and also dog fans (I have to be super careful with phrasing, I don’t want to attract the wrong, sh*tty crowd). Unless I get inundated YET AGAIN about how I missed out on like ten dogs, I will be taking Fighter Dog Power Rankings Volumes 1 – 3 and compiling them together to make SUPER FIGHTER DOG POWER RANKINGS: TURBO ULTIMATE EDITION. Since that sounds like a monumental task, expect it sometime next month (Hopefully).