What You Should Do Tonight: Watch Me Judge Pantomimed Vaginas At The Air Sex National Championships

Some vaginas more pantomimed than others.

As regulars at With Leather may know, I became a recurring judge during season 4 of the Air Sex World Championships, making three appearances at the judges table to help decide which person did the best job at pretending to have sex. If you’re not a regular, it’s like air guitar, but with penises.

Anyway, the last time I attended an event I got to pal around with ‘Tim & Eric’ star David Liebe Hart, so I was obviously like, “this is the best the fake sex game gets.” But NO, tonight in Austin at The ND is the season 4 Air Sex finale, featuring the top performers from shows across the country coming together to … uh, come together, and entertain me, and to a lesser extent, you.

The culmination of a year of touring the country comes down to this. Who will win the coveted title of Air Sex National Champion?

We’ve got great performers from:

New Orleans, LA

New York City

Los Angeles

Washington DC

Austin, TX

Houston, TX

San Francisco

Hosted by comedian @ChrisTrew. Also featuring “foreplay” a special pre-Air Sex standup comedy showcase. Season 5 kicks off in May!

You can pick up tickets here, and if you’re anywhere near Texas tonight, you should. If you read With Leather and attend the event (and I don’t already know you), let me know and I will high five you with one of the least gross hands in the building.

If you aren’t in Texas, follow @airsex on Twitter today, and prepare for the weirdest gallery ever at With Leather on Monday.