What’s On Tonight: Is There No End to These Psychic Octopi

Pro Wrestling Editor

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game happens tonight, and if you’re the type who needs an animal with mystical powers to tell you what will happen, this octopus at Sea Life in Arizona says it’s going to be the American League. It’s good to know that when one psychic octopus dies, another can rise up and take his place. Last year I won $500 on the World Cup by strangling the sh:t out of a carp.

The game was predicted by placing equal amounts of food in boxes labeled “American League” and “National League”, then allowing the octopus to choose which food (and by proxy, which team of adult humans) it preferred. The best part of the video is the Octomom bystander comments, which boil down to “it was so awesome seeing the octopus do things”. I wonder if this is how Arizona chose their immigration laws, by dunking a white guy and a brown guy into an aquarium and seeing which one gets molested first by a squid.

Regardless, this method is at least as fool-proof as the ESPN writer method, which is just reading what most people think and saying the opposite to try and piss them off.

[h/t Eye on Baseball]

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