Two ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestants Spectacularly Fumbled Away Prizes

03.08.19 5 months ago



Wheel of Fortune is hard. Going on any game show is, really. But in the moment, with the bright lights on and big money on the line, it’s easy to make mistakes. Mispronunciations have befallen many contestants on The Wheel, but that wasn’t what caused some chaos on Friday night’s broadcast.

Unfortunately, there were some struggles all around on this one. But one particular miss was extra painful. The category was “Fun and Games,” but the answer was anything but. There are eight blanks on the board when our doomed contestant spins for $700 and calls out D. There are six Ds, good for $4200 and a mostly-solved puzzle. All of “Doing” is there now, and the first letter of the last two words is all that’s missing.

“Pat, I’m ready to solve,” the contestant who was absolutely not ready then said. And so the clock starts and an answer is needed. It does not go very well.

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