The Latest Crazy ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Solve Needed Just Two Letters To Win A Trip To Peru

Every week, it seems like the television gods give us something interesting from Wheel of Fortune. There are some amazing solves and spectacular blunders in the last month, but this one might be the best of them all.

The latest Wheel of Fortune hero is Taya, who went for a spectacular solve on a puzzle in the category “Phrase.” Down a bit more than $7,000 in the money, she needed a big win and got it when she guessed a puzzle correctly with just two letters.

There was already an N on the board when play came to her, and with $650 on the wheel she guessed T, which got her this to work with.


But sometimes you just know it, and Taya went for it.

“I’d like to try to solve,” Taya said with more confidence than anyone deserved to have. She guessed “A Place Like No Other,” which was right. A somewhat flummoxed Pat Sajak said “of course” and laughed, and Taya had herself a trip to Peru.

“Let me quote Elliott on this, who looked at you and went like this,” Sajak said, making an extremely stunned face.


Taya said she felt like she was going to cry with joy, and for good reason: she won a trip and got the internet abuzz with her impressive solve.

Perhaps one of the reasons we don’t see this that often is you can’t win a lot of money, but it makes sense on the prize puzzles, especially if you know a trip is coming. Those kind of trip-based phrases kind of narrow down what is possible to guess, and she certainly used it to her advantage. She only got that $650 for winning the puzzle, but the trip to Peru was worth $8,000, which certainly put her back in the game.