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Jairo Miguel is a 14-year-old professional bullfighter from Spain who moved to Mexico because his home country's laws were too uptight about children dodging pissed off half-ton animals with horns.  And what do you know, he was almost gored to death by a 900-pound bull.

[A] bull named Hidrocalido rushed him at top speed and lifted him in the air, appearing to carry him several yards with one horn firmly lodged in his thorax. “I’m dying, dad, I’m dying,” government news agency Notimex quoted Jairo as saying immediately after the goring.

What a drama queen.  It was only a punctured lung.  Although I suppose he may have been talking about going to a Mexican hospital.

[T]he responsibility for young bullfighters rests largely with their families, who are often the ones who encourage their sons to go into bullfighting in the first place. “Normally, it’s the parents of these children — and they are children — who put them into bullfighting schools,” [one official] said. 

Another set of crazy sports parents.  I went through the same thing as little Jairo, once.  Lots of pressure, competing out of my weight class.  The adrenaline and danger were too much to handle at such a young age.  Well, not bullfighting.  It was chess.  Hey, you can get hurt if those pieces aren't sanded down properly.

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