Which Is The Real Ted Leonsis?

04.16.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis saw something bizarre after his team lost to Montreal in the first round of the NHL playoffs last night. Himself. Or, someone bearing a resemblance, anyway.

Marty Siegel, of course, is not technically Ted Leonsis, but he’s got more than enough hockey cred. He’s an original Caps season ticket holder, and has stories of sneaking his son into the Cap Centre on his shoulders. He still skates, running an old-timers team in Ashburn. His sons play hockey, too. At 64, he’s 11 years older than Leonsis, but his sons are always telling him how much he looks like the owner.

“They have no idea,” Evan shouted into his cellphone a few feet from his dad. “They think it’s him. I’m not exaggerating.”–DC Sports Bog.

The real Leonsis was not amused, addressing the situation in a post on his blog titled “Identity Theft.”

Not sure how I am supposed to react so I won’t other than to say, please email him after the loss last night. He was responsible for this rebuild and for the poor playoff performance and he deserves all of the angst and rage. Thank you. –Ted’s Take.

By the way, the real Leonsis is on the left. I think this sort of thing should happen more often. I can’t wait to see the Drunk Jerry Jones lookalike. Thanks to Jack for the heads-up.

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