White Men Can’t Dance, Even If They Play For The Jacksonville Jaguars

08.09.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

It will be a miracle if the Jacksonville Jaguars make this playoffs this season. So it’s not very surprising that they’ve decided to take a page out of the soccer mom playbook by making fun their top priority. And there’s nothing more fun than having rookies participate in an awkward black-guy-white-guy dance battle. Rookie linebacker and nephew of Brian Bosworth, Kyle Bosworth, is flying high and ballin’ while running back Deji Karim takes a more subtle approach with the stanky legg.

Bosworth proves once again that white men can’t dance or jump (looking at you, C Tate), but he appears to win by getting an ‘A’ for effort, not skill. Uncle Brian would have never pulled any s*it like that. He would have yelled until one of the veins in his neck popped, then peeled out in his Corvette, bikini babes draped on both arms. Video can be found here.

–via Sports Illustrated

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