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Matt Jones has been an unequivocal failure at receiver, even for the standards of a white receiver, since the Jaguars drafted the 6' 6" former Arkansas QB with their first-round pick in 2005. So if you can't hack playing well right, you might as well be a spectacular failure. Jones took an important stride towards that goal yesterday as he got arrested for cocaine possession.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says officers arrested Jones and two other men as they sat in a Toyota 4Runner in an unlit parking lot in a known drug area.

The preliminary arrest report shows an officer saw Jones sitting in the back seat of the car with a white card with a white powdery substance on it, and a credit card in his other hand.

The officer said he opened the door and asked Jones to "put his hands where he could see them."

Authorities say Jones didn't comply right away and hid his left hand. The officer drew his gun and ordered Jones out of the vehicle. Jones got out and the officer put him in handcuffs.

A second officer placed the other two men under arrest. They're identified as Benjamin Cook, 26, and Jared Hicks, 25.

Uh-oh, Matt Jones is back liked cooked crack! Or is that back with Cook's coke? Either way, doing white powder off a white card, huh? At least Jones was trying to make his drug taking both stupid and difficult. Just the kind of versatility he shows in the pros by displaying ideal size and race-appropriate suckage.

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