Who Cares If You’re Going Viral With That, You’re Still Out

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07.11.11 2 Comments

By way of Jimmy Traina’s Hot Clicks comes the most athletic thing you’re going to see on a baseball diamond today (and probably tomorrow, unless decades of watching the boring-ass All-Star Game have steered me wrong). The image grab from the video to the right makes it look like one of those mock-up Avengers posters where everyone’s falling and jump-kicking at nothing. There isn’t a lot of context for the video outside of me just telling you what happened, so here it goes — instead of plowing through the catcher like so much Scott Cousins, the runner goes for a diving cartwheel thing OVER the catcher and pulls it off, but the umpire is just like “f**k you, you’re out” like he was Willie Mays Hayes pulling up short on a slide. Watching the video it does look like he’s out, but that ump was ready to call him on his bullsh** before he was even tagged.

Of course, my mind went to terrible pop culture, and all I could think of watching this was Tony Micelli’s terrible Superman dive through a catcher’s easy tag from “Who’s The Boss?” (at about the :20 mark)

Maybe Tony should’ve brushed up on his capoeira before trying to slide.

[By way of It’s Always Sunny in Detroit]

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